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If you find soft drinks over a year old you can open one and taste it and use if it tastes OK.

Soft drink manufactures do use additives to prohibit bacterial growth.

Read complete article on food expiration dates including a chart with times foods can be used past their printed dates. Some, but not all canned goods have "best by" dates printed on the can but most can be stored beyond that date.

Poultry should be cooked or frozen within 2 days after the sell-by date on the package. Rotate your canned goods so that you eat the oldest first within a target date of 1 year.

The US has not legislated any sell-by dates for dairy products in the U. The government does state that if you stamp or print a date on a can or package you must include a phrase to describe the date such as: "Best by" or "Use By". The term "food expiration dates" has become a generic term describing any date shown on a food product label.

While some food products do show "expiration dates" many products only show a sell by, best by or use by date.

Make sure it remains well-sealed to prevent contamination from dust. Although it is not legislated (except for a few items) this is the date by which the seller should sell the product.

The concept of food labeling as we know it today didn't really begin until the 1930's. 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act - This act didn't legislate what was to be labeled per se but did set for that the product be labeled "correctly".In the case of blue cheeses make sure it doesn't have an "ammonia smell" which is a sign the cheese is beyond it's edible stage.