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She is lucky to be in a place where she can write as an OCD advocate.

In fact, we’re being a little bit naughty by just writing about it. Who knows, celebrities are mysterious creatures, like cats... (Note: No famous cats, thus far, on Raya.)Now, there are regular citizens on Raya, so there is hope for all of us.

Here we report on a solution to this problem that reveals the O’Nan pariah group as a source of hidden symmetry in quadratic forms and elliptic curves.

Using this we prove congruences for class numbers, and Selmer groups and Tate–Shafarevich groups of elliptic curves.

Finite simple groups are the building blocks of finite symmetry.

The effort to classify them precipitated the discovery of new examples, including the monster, and six pariah groups which do not belong to any of the natural families, and are not involved in the monster.

It can seem virtually impossible to communicate that to someone else.