Wsus server not updating

05-Aug-2017 21:39

Is there any way to force re download and reinstall failed updates on PCs from the server or any other way remotely and centrally or sort this issue in any other way?

Also is there any way to monitor windows update in real time on server side or any logs that would show what happens when PC connecting to WSUS for updates?

The C:\WSUS\ directory will now contain 2.09 GB of data and will contain the folders seen below.

Configuration of WSUS Server Then we can click on the Start/Windows Server Update Server as shown in the picture below to start the update services.

All of the options can be seen in the picture below: We can click on the “Products and Classification” to select for which products we would like to receive updates; we can select various product categories such as Windows or specific products like Windows 7.

In the picture below, we can see that we had selected the Windows category, which includes all Windows operating systems and also some other products.

Under the “Classification” tab, we can select the update classifications that we want to obtain.

We introduced WSUS into our network because we want Windows clients to contact WSUS server over HTTP, which distributes updates to them to keep them secure.The installation procedure for WSUS differs quite a lot, depending on whether we’re installing it on Windows Server 2003 or 2008: This will download the WSUS and install all appropriate roles/services, so we don’t need to download WSUS or install “Web Server (IIS)” role manually; this will all be done automatically.